007 Legends Preview: Six times the Bond in one action-packed game!

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Superspy James Bond has been lucky enough to star in a number of action (and stealth-action) games over the years, most of which have been very enjoyable (with exceptions on either side of the scale), and developer Eurocom has been tasked with delivering better and better 007 games lately.

Celebrating 50 years of Bond this year, and in time for the latest movie this year, Skyfall, Eurocom’s upcoming 007 Legends arrives at a perfect time in the Bond timeline to give gamers what they’ve been craving – a new, excellent James Bond experience.

007 Legends Screenshot 2

Wayne had a chance to see 007 Legends during gamescom 2012 and wrote in his preview:

“[007 Legends] is looking like a solid Bond experience with plenty of charm to it. I’m not usually one for stealth but 007 Legends may just get me to practice my sneaking. If it turns out that I just can’t resist the urge to blow everything up, that looks to be perfectly acceptable as well.”

Read Wayne’s full 007 Legends preview to find out which Bond movies the game will be based on, and to see what he thinks of the stealth-action title so far.

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