Darksiders II PC and console patch in the works

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Darksiders II was one of the biggest releases of the month but as is to be expected players soon encountered a few bugs in both the PC and console versions of the game.

Darksiders II - Unlocks Image

Vigil Games has announced that it is working on various fixes to address these issues, and the studio also has plans to implement community requested features in the PC version such as improved shadow map resolution.

Here’s the developer’s latest progress report on the upcoming patches for Darksiders II:

  • PC:

    • We are working on fixes for a number of bugs which can potentially block progression that have come to our attention, while also exploring adding additional features you have been asking for. This work includes vsync updates, improved shadow map resolution, X-axis options and additional keyboard mapping options (amongst other community requests). We hope to roll out a number of patches to address these issues in the weeks to come.
  • Console:

    • A small number of our players on Xbox 360 and PS3 have informed us that they encountered bugs, which can potentially block progression while playing the game. We are investigating and working on fixes for the issues that we are aware of and hope to release them as soon as we can. We have prioritized addressing these issues but please be aware the approval process for patches can take a little while.

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