New Stars Wars 1313 documentary explores the “Descent to the Underworld”

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Star Wars 1313 Concept Art 1

Star Wars 1313 is an intriguing project because
it seemingly provides a glimpse at what the first generation of PS4 and Xbox 720 titles will look like. The game’s gritty environments set in Coruscant’s subterranean underworld are also incredibly appealing locations to engage in some tense blaster shootouts with some of the unsavoury characters inhabiting level 1313.

LucasArts has released a short documentary called Descent to the Underworld that explores Star Wars 1313’s setting through a mixture of developer interviews, concept art and in-game footage.

Take a look below:

Be sure to check out El33tonline’s Star Wars 1313 preview from gamescom 2012 for more details about this atmospheric action-adventure.

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