Gamescom 2012: 007 Legends Preview (Xbox 360)

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Bond is back in 007 Legends, and he’s got some fancy gadgets and weapons to keep us entertained. It’s the 50th anniversary of James Bond, and this first-person shooter from developer Eurocom features material from five of the existing films along with new content from the upcoming Skyfall Bond film.

007 Legends Screenshot 1

During gamescom I attended a presentation by Eurocom’s Rob Matthews where he delved into some of the story and demoed 007 Legends for us. The plot is a combination of six Bond films that have been brought together to form an overarching story. Going into gamescom it was already revealed that Moonraker and On Her Majesty’s Secret Service would be two of the films making up the game story. During the gamescom week we learnt that License to Kill and Die Another Die, the 16th and 20th Bond films respectively, would also feature in 007 Legends. The fifth film to feature in the game is being kept a closely guarded secret for the time being, whilst the sixth film Skyfall, which is yet to come out on the film circuit, will be released as downloadable content post launch.

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