El33t’s Pre-Weekend Post: Bouts of flu, babies and mace make for interesting times!

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It seems that quite a few of the team have been busy lately – busy fighting flu germs, busy preparing nurseries, busy recovering from jetlag, and even busy buying mace! Yup, it’s never dull times here at El33t HQ…


“Last weekend I spent both days in bed recovering from a serious bout of flu so I need to make up for lost time over the next couple of days!

I have a few family members and friends who are due a visit so I’m sure at least part of the weekend will be spent socialising. There are also two games of rugby to watch tomorrow evening and I want to work on my review for the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection on PS Vita.

Our complex has been hit with a crime wave during recent weeks so I’m also keen to shop around for some defensive equipment like paintball guns that shoot pepper bullets as well as some good old-fashioned Mace.

Have a great break p33ps!”

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“Sho, it is the weekend and it could not come a day too soon! Lately I have been indulging in shorter gaming sessions, with me being a responsible parent for the first time.

Minecraft, funnily enough, has been getting a lot of attention and special projects will soon come to light. All I can say for now is that it will be pretty damn sweet! Now that it has been over-hyped I am set up to disappoint a lot of you.

I am also slowly making my way through all the games I purchased during the Steam Summer Sale. Fallout: New Vegas is nearing completion, and the next game I will be jumping into is Shogun 2. If only I had a mate who could give me the game files so I can save on the 20GB download…

Have a great gaming weekend p33ps!”

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“Almost September already?!? I think I should just give up worrying about how fast this year is going by and rather just focus my worry on how fast my son is going to get here!

We’re down to three weeks’ish and I’m starting to freak out a little bit. I’m not new to this parenting thing by any stretch but handling two kids becomes a little more scary when you start to realise you need two of everything… two prams, two baby car seats, two mouths to feed, two sets of nappies to change, two much! Two much!

With my time rapidly dwindling away I think this weekend is baby room preparation 1, gaming time 0.

If I do manage to squeeze any time out, it’ll be to try and get a round of Dead Island in with Oltman and my other Dead Island buddy but with Oltman and I both being parents, that remains to be seen…”

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“After an excellent time in Germany for gamescom 2012, it seems I’ve been infected with some kind of ‘Cologne Sickness’ that’s intent on making it as difficult as possible to breathe (and perform basic tasks), so I’ve decided to take my mind off of gasping for air by playing my recently acquired copy of Darksiders II, and recall the time spent seeing a host of awesome unreleased games by writing up some detail-drenched previews for you all to read.

The El33tonline team saw a lot of great stuff during gamescom last week so definitely look forward to all of our thoughts, upcoming photos, videos and much more from the show this year. I hope your weekend is a good one, everybody.”

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“There’s a lot on the ol’ ‘To Do’ list this weekend. Most of the next two days will be spent finishing off previews and interviews from gamescom so that you p33ps have awesome new content to keep you entertained next week. But when you’re writing about Tomb Raider, Beyond, The Last of Us and more, it hardly seems like a chore!

There will also be time for a few hours off for my nephew’s Birthday party tomorrow and then a lesson of which I’ll share more about with you next week.

See you all next week. Have an excellent time diving into all of those fantastic games out there!”

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