UK 3DS eShop Update for August 23rd: Donkey Kong Jr., LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes demo

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This week on the 3DS eShop there are two NES classics to enjoy on the go. Donkey Kong Jr. sees DK’s son attempting to rescue him from Mario’s clutches while NES Open Tournament Golf is a simplistic but surprisingly addictive sports title from 21 years ago.

There’s also a demo for LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes to download this week in addition to a curious DSiWare puzzle title called Rummikub.

Here’s this week’s eShop Update in full:

3DS Demos

  • LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes

Virtual Console

  • Donkey Kong Jr. – £4.50 / €5.00

    • Donkey Kong has finally been captured by Mario! In this unique role-reversal platformer, you play as DK’s son, Junior, and must save dad from Mario’s clutches. Swing and climb your way across vines and chains to grab the keys that unlock Donkey Kong’s cage, avoiding nasty critters like Snapjaws and Nitpickers. It’s a game all about speed and high scores – so get swinging and rack up those points – but don’t forget to rescue DK!

Donkey Kong Jr. Screenshot 1

  • NES Open Tournament Golf – £3.60 / €4.00

    • Tee off with Mario (and Luigi in two-player mode) in this classic sporting simulation. In NES Open Tournament Golf, choose from three international courses ‒ UK, US and Japan ‒ and three different game types: Stroke Play, Match Play and Tournament. Set up your shot on the overhead map screen by choosing the correct club and adjusting for wind speed and direction, then switch to the action screen and make your shot using careful timing!


  • Rummikub – £7.20 / €8.00

    • Rummikub was created in the 1950s by Ephraim Hertzano and his children Micha and Mariana Hertzano, who later exported the game to five continents. Hertzano founded the games manufacturing company Lemada Light Industries, and this Rummikub version adheres to the official rules created by Lemada. The main component in Rummikub is a pool of 106 tiles consisting of 104 numbered tiles and two joker tiles. The numbered tiles are marked with the numbers 1-13 in four colours (black, yellow, blue and red). Each combination of colour and number is represented twice, and the player holds their tiles on a rack without revealing them to the other players. The first player to remove all the tiles from their rack and place them on the table wins the game.

Source: Nintendo UK

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