Company of Heroes 2 Hands-on Preview: It’s cold on the Eastern Front

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THQ and Relic Entertainment made many a strategy fan happy with the announcement of Company of Heroes 2 earlier this year, representing a return of one of the most beloved RTS series, and in moving the sequel to the Eastern Front of World War II, Relic is ensuring that you won’t only need to deal with your enemies on the battlefield – the cold, blizzards, snow and ice will all act as intense, unrelenting foes during your campaigns.

Company of Heros 2 Screenshot 2

El33tonline had a chance to go hands-on with Company of Heroes 2 during gamescom 2012 and Peter was very quickly able to adapt his strategies for war to freezing climates, writing in his preview:

“Company of Heroes 2 is shaping up to be a very exciting real-time strategy game. Fans of the original game should look forward to a new but not too different experience – a different arena of battle in the same era as before… Those with high end PCs will be treated to what is almost certainly going to be the best looking RTS game around.”

Read El33tonline’s hands-on preview of Company of Heroes 2 and beef up your PC ahead of the game’s 2013 release.

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