Sony reveals PS Vita lifetime sales as of June 30th

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Sony showed a great line-up of upcoming PS Vita titles at gamescom last week that may well boost sales of the handheld over the next few months. Software support is paramount to the Vita’s success at this point as Sony recently stated that the system won’t get a price drop this year.

Sony hasn’t been very forthcoming with PS Vita sales data since the handheld launched in Japan last December, clearly as a result of its less than stellar performance worldwide following a decent debut. Now the platform holder has provided lifetime sales for the Vita as of June 30th, with 2.2 million units sold globally during six and a half months on the market.

This figure doesn’t compare very favourably with sales of the PSP (5.06 million) and 3DS (6.68 million) during a similar time frame.

Take a look at the graph below to see how Vita’s current sales pace stacks up to those of other handhelds from the past and present:

PS Vita sales chart

Will Sony be able to turn around PS Vita’s fortunes with quality first-party software alone or does the system need a price cut and/or more support from third-party developers to prosper? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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