The World Ends with You announcement coming next week

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The World Ends with You is one of the most stylish, original action RPGs on the DS. With its modern-day setting and ample references to Japanese youth culture, the game represented an exciting new IP for Square Enix.

The World Ends with You Banner 2

While we haven’t heard any sequel news during the five years since its release, we did recently see characters from The World Ends with You pop up in Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. This inclusion was clearly a sign of things to come as a possible sequel announcement is now expected as early as next week.

Square Enix has launched a countdown website with “subaseka” in the URL. This is an acronym for the game’s full Japanese title: Subarashiki Kono Sekai (It’s a Wonderful World).

Another element on the website that points to this being a new title in The World Ends with You series is that the character designers on the project are listed as Tetsuya Nomura and Gen Kobayashi – the same pairing who were responsible for the original game’s character design and art.

The most likely platform for a possible sequel is surely the 3DS, given its recent sales success and the franchise’s ties to Nintendo’s handheld hardware.

Are you looking forward to a new entry in this unique series? Let us know in the comments.

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