Battlefield 3 Friday War Cry: The Banana Factor

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The week was busy and long, but we finally made it to Friday- and as with every other Friday it is Battlefield 3 Friday. A very important day for all us BF3 Soldiers. I’m sad to say that last week I wasn’t on the battlefield. It feels like I lost something, but I will not dwell on the past and will make up for it tonight on the Battlefield.

Battlefield Friday

The battles will be big, they will be fast, they will be action-packed and most of all they will be awesome! Yesterday I made some calculations and I have discovered the weakness of Smuroh and Griff3nZA – I just hope there won’t be any bananas on the battlefield as they will be easy targets. It will put a whole new meaning to guerilla warfare.

Join us this evening on Xbox LIVE at 8:15pm. Soldiers like me – POItjie the frontrunner – and Smuroh the camper. Seeing that someone got left out the other day on a BF3 fan’s tweet, we will do a special shoutout to Griff3nZA the Tag Collector. He goes from emo to hero in 2 Tags flat. He is a champion gun master winner. He knows how to use a magnum like a pro. In his words: “Just aim for the head, or stab them when you can.”

Talking of magnums, let’s hope the crazy duo of CrazyErick and Piglet DE will be on the battlefield so we can continue our discussion about ice cream. But enough of me talking about the awesomeness that is Battlefield 3 Friday – join us and feel the battle!

PS: Let’s not forget to mention the RAAS Squad from Cape Town. That is all.

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