Gamescom 2012: Press Conference Roundup podcast

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Gamescom 2012: Press conference discussion Podcast
Press conference day is always a busy, busy day. In fact it’s arguably the longest day you will ever live if you are a game journalist. It’s stressful making sure you arrive in time, taking into account you’re navigating your way around a foreign city, and given the fact that you have back to back press conferences to attend, mostly on opposite ends of the city!

In addition to logistical and time constraints, you need to make sure you have all the necessary devices to take photos, record video and audio, paper and pen to take notes as well as computers to liveblog. Getting connected is a challenge too, you are in a different country and have to get yourself set up with local internet providers beforehand, or just hope that the shared WiFi connection in the conference venue is strong enough to support the large group of journalists. Factor in carrying extra batteries for basically everything, energy bars (no time for lunch!) and you’ll begin to see just how much preparation goes into attending a single press conference.

The stress doesn’t end when you’re actually sitting down in the press conference either. Experience tells us that you will typically have to change between internet connections at least a couple of times during the event, switching back and forth to different portable devices in the process. It’s something you can generally laugh about afterwards, and somehow moulds to form a better memory of the entire press conference day experience than what actually took place.

After surviving four press events in a row yesterday, three of which were major press conferences, I felt like I should have unlocked an Achievement of sorts. First up was the Capcom press conference, followed by a Hitman: Absolution event, and then the EA and Sony press conferences. You can read detailed reports of what happened during these over here, but now we’re giving you the chance to hear from the El33tonline team about what we enjoyed the most at the events, what were our favourite reveals and more.

We hope you enjoy the Podcast, we sure enjoyed recording it for you!

Listen to our gamescom 2012 – Press Conference Roundup!

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