Gears of War Wednesday: The Locust won’t let up!

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Yes! It’s Wednesday already, halfway through the week and I think we all deserve a break. And as a late winter rages on in SA, Gears Wednesday has a solution – relaxing on the sunny beaches of Sandbar and Old Town does sound excellent, doesn’t it?

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Even though we’ve been expecting less attendees these past few weeks, last week was still well attended and as action packed as any week. We won’t have a public holiday as an excuse to play well into Thursday again but I’m sure not many of us need any excuses to play on anyway. Certainly not when there are domes to be a popping.

With Gamescom this week Team El33t will be short a few members but the battle will still go on – the Locust aren’t going to stop coming. So join us tonight just after 20:00 on Xbox LIVE for some fun Gears action. Keep an eye out for jGLZA and the other regulars such as GaaTY, FoFoZA, BIG ASH CT ZA and many many more.

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