Gamescom 2012: The Capcom press conference round-up

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Capcom held their first ever press conference at gamescom earlier this morning in Cologne, Germany. Upon arrival we were ushered into a dark room where a Capcom logo dominated the front stage. With incredible titles like Devil May Cry, Resident Evil 6 and Lost Planet 6 lined up, there was an excited buzz among the media gathered at E-Werk.

Gamescom 2012 Capcom Press Conference

Devil May Cry was first up, with Capcom’s Alex Jones showing us a new gameplay demo that takes place about halfway through the game. He pointed out the over the top action that still characterises the game, that it’s a spectacle, but that this character can only exist in their DmC world, which is a bit less fantastical and more modern.
Jones also noted the satirical nature of the news media in DmC, a satire which can be laid at the feet of the demon influence of the game.

Gamescom 2012 Capcom Press Conference

A question that the DmC team gets a lot is whether players can expect to see any familiar faces in Devil May Cry when it launches next year. Jones joked about how he liked to change the subject when this comes up with the media, but that today the development team was ready to reveal a familiar face to us – that of Vergil, Dante’s brother.
Vergil, described as the “serious twin of Dante,” is the leader of the demon-fighting rebel group, The Order.

Gamescom 2012 Capcom Press Conference

Watch the new trailer for Devil May Cry below, and new screenshots here:

Lost Planet 3 was up next, and after a thrilling new trailer Capcom’s Andrew Szymanski told us a bit more about the game and series steward, Kenji Oguro played the demo of the game for us.

Although Lost Planet 3 is the third in the series, it is the first chronologically and goes back in time to when EDN III was at it’s coldest and most harsh. The story centres around Jim Peyton, who journeys to EDN III in search of work so he can send home money to his wife and child who are on Earth.

The demo we saw today takes place about halfway through the game, and shows Jim setting out on a mission to repair a communication tower. Before long Jim believes that a saboteur may be on the planet, and reports this back to his foreman, Braddick, who says everyone is accounted for. This is a hint to Jim that things are not what they seem, and he will uncover more of the secrets that the planet holds as he completes more missions in the game.

We saw the winch on the rig in action for the first time, showing how this equipment can be used to take out and reel in enemies. Jim will also be able to use it as a zipline in the game, showing how everything on the rig has multiple functions.

The demo also showed us two new enemies, the fire wasp and the spitter. The fire wasp likes to flank you, and we got a first hand look at how they swarm in a hive…and what happens if one gets too close! The Struggle mode allows for close quarters combat without having to use Quick Time Events. The shotgun was effective for close range attacks on the fire wasps, and we also saw how Jim can blind fire from cover. The spitter has a powerful tail attack, and can cause serious damage with it’s spitting ability. Luckily after injuring it, it withdrew long enough for us to get inside the Rig and take it on with some extra fire power. As you defeat enemies they drop thermal energy, which Jim can collect and use for upgrades.

Watch the new trailer for Lost Planet 3 below, and new screenshots over here:

Street Fighter X Tekken was next on the line-up, and we heard how Yoshinori Ono and his team started off with wanting to bring more people into the fighting genre, to experience the game and learn the moves. We also saw an impressive trailer for the PS Vita version of the game. We were then alerted to the possibility of Blanka at the back of the auditorium, and which stage I thought it just might be Ono San.

Turned out I was right, but a big smile crept across my face nonetheless as Ono San was actually dressed like Blanka and came up the aisle towards the front with a large 25th anniversary Street Fighter cake, candles alight and all! The sight of this legend of the industry, who is always smiling and so enthusiastic to meet fans from across the world, dressed in a bright green costume with orange hair was somehow just so fitting!

Gamescom 2012 Capcom Press Conference

Ono joked that Street Fighter 5 was coming, but then admitted that we could maybe check back in 10 years. He said it was his birthday and Street Fighter’s 25th anniversary so he wanted presents from us. Anyone who follows Ono’s activities as he travels around the world, will know that he takes his Blanka figurine everywhere with him. He asked us to pose with Blanka, the whole audience stood and shouted “Sho-ryu-ken!” for his photo, included from his Twitter account below.

Capcom Press Conference - Ono San with Blanka

We also got to enjoy some special cupcakes after the press conference, cupcakes featuring Ryu, Chun-Li, E. Honda and Blanka. And then I was lucky enough to get a picture with Ono San, who politely said thanks to me for coming to the press conference…like I said, a legend!

Gamescom 2012 Capcom Press Conference

Gamescom 2012 Capcom Press Conference

Gamescom 2012 Capcom Press Conference

We learnt about Resident next, a new online webservice built to enhance a player’s Resident Evil 6 gameplay experience. The new service will allow you to track your own stats and compare real-time information (for example, gameplay progress, weapons used, types of enemies killed and Mercenaries high scores) with friend’s data and against that of any Resident Evil 6 player in the world. Twitter updates will also be used to notify players when their scores are beaten.

Gamescom 2012 Capcom Press Conference

Resident will also share special online community events, say for instance killing 10 000 zombies in a set time limit. This will earn you Resident points and unlock rewards, such as costumes for the Mercenaries mode, enriching the Resident Evil universe and expanding online play. There will also be a Champion belt that will be given to the winner of each event, you’ll have to keep playing each event to retain it, but there will be a list of every player who earns the Champion belt so you can retain bragging rights.

Resident Screenshot 4

Moving on to Resident Evil 6, Director Eiichiro Sasaki demoed a new section of the game to us, one which featured new protagonist Jake Muller and Sherry in trouble when they find themselves trapped in a cabin. They’re surrounded by the scary-looking J’avo, enemies that mutate in unique ways depending on where you are in the campaign. We saw them with super arm or bat-winged versions earlier, but now it’s a “pincer-ant-style” mutation.

Watch the new Resident Evil 6 trailer below, and browse over the screenshots here:

Capcom then moved on to announce a new IP, Remember Me, currently in development at French studio Dontnod Entertainment. This action adventure will be coming to the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in May 2013.

Gamescom 2012 Capcom Press Conference

Remember Me is set in the cyberpunk world of Neo-Paris, 2084. The game features a female protagonist known as Nilan, a former elite memory hunter who can break into people’s minds and steal or alter their memories. Except Nilan finds herself having to rediscover her identity after her memory is erased.

Gamescom 2012 Capcom Press Conference

Check out this interesting concept in the debut trailer for Remember Me below and browse over the screenshots over here:

All in all Capcom’s press conference was great, lots of new trailers, a new game reveal, a live-action Blanka and cupcakes!

Stay tuned for more updates from gamescom this week as we go hands-on with the Capcom line-up.

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