Gamescom 2012: New Devil May Cry screenshots and trailer introduce Vergil

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During Capcom’s press conference earlier today in Cologne, Germany, the publisher’s Alex Jones introduced us to a face familiar to the Devil May Cry franchise.

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According to Jones the DmC development team regularly fields questions about whether any familiar faces will feature in the game, but up until now have remained mum. This morning Jones confirmed that Vergil, Dante’s “serious twin” brother will appear in Devil May Cry.

Vergil is the leader of the order of the demon-fighting rebel group, The Order. His story is very different to Dante’s and here is why: Dante was put into an orphanage run by demons and ended up a street kid, while Vergil was adopted into a rich, educated and privileged home.

According to a press release issued by Capcom, Vergil is a “highly intelligent and gifted individual,” and he “wrote a security encryption program that eventually made him a multi-millionaire before he even finished school.”

We also learnt that Vergil “hates the demons for having killed his mother and enslaved his father and uses his riches in the single minded pursuit to bring them down.” Vergil is “calculating and dispassionate,” his “decisions are always logical, strategic and never emotional. He formed the underground organisation known as The Order to research the demons with the goal of toppling their hold over humanity.”

Check out the new trailer and screenshots for Devil May Cry below, you’ll catch your first glimpse of Vergil:

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Devil May Cry Screenshot 2

Devil May Cry Screenshot 3

Devil May Cry Screenshot 4

Devil May Cry Vergil

Devil May Cry Vergil

Devil May Cry Vergil

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Devil May Cry will be available for the PS3 and Xbox 360 in February 2012.

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