Gamescom 2012: Street Fighter X Tekken Vita’s unique features showcased in new trailer

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Street Fighter X Tekken Logo

The PS Vita has received plenty of PS3 ports since it launched in February but few of these seem as tailored to Sony’s portable platform as Street Fighter X Tekken Vita. The PS Vita version of this crossover fighting game has a number of new features that are designed to take advantage of the system’s touch screen, cameras and Near functionality, while additional elements such as cross-platform play and shared DLC with the PS3 version add further value to the package.

Capcom revealed a new trailer for the game during its pre-gamescom press conference earlier today. The trailer introduces some of the new features on offer in Street Fighter X Tekken Vita and showcases snippets of gameplay. Take a look below:

Here are some additional gameplay montages that Capcom released alongside the gamescom trailer:

Street Fighter X Tekken Vita will be released on October 19th in European territories and October 23rd in the US. Head over here for El33tonline’s previous coverage of Capcom’s latest portable fighter.

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