Gamescom 2012: Sony Press Conference – Join us for our liveblog! [Update]

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Sony’s pre-gamescom 2012 press conference is over – you can relive the news and announcements at the briefing by replaying our liveblog below, and look forward to more detailed reports on each of the new games and services, soon.

Sony Computer Entertainment Logo (Squat 2) Sony Computer Entertainment can always be depended on to bring a massive collection of excellent games to every event the publisher attends. More and more, Sony has also become known as an innovator – a pusher of boundaries – with the games it supports and celebrates on its PlayStation 3 and PS Vita platforms.

We need only point to games like Beyond: Two Souls, The Unfinished Swan and the recently released Sound Shapes to make our point.

We had an extensive look at the games and announcements we will (and hope to) see during Sony’s pre-gamescom 2012 press conference next week, and during the show, and we’re inviting you to follow our live coverage of that media briefing.

Mark your calendars for August 14th and join us at 7pm for El33tonline’s liveblog of Sony’s gamescom 2012 press conference as we bring you the news, announcements and happenings live from the show!

Gamescom 2012: Sony Press Conference Liveblog

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