UK 3DS eShop Update for August 9th: SpeedX 3D, The Sword of Hope II

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This week’s 3DS eShop offering once again offers a good mix of genres, from the hypnotic tunnel racer SpeedX 3D to the very retro-looking RPG The Sword of Hope II. Fans of DSiWare titles may want to check out 90’s Pool or 101 Pinball World, while another episode of The Incredible Barbazan is also available to download for those of you who’ve been following the series.

Here’s the full list of new content on the 3DS eShop this week:

3DS Download Software

  • SpeedX 3D – £2.70 / €3.00

    • SpeedX 3D for Nintendo 3DS is a stunning tunnel racer that tests a player’s skill and transports him or her into a trance filled with great electronic music and hypnotic graphics. SpeedX 3D offers four game modes introducing the player to more and more challenging places at a speed that increases with every second. The question is: how far can the player go without losing concentration?

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Virtual Console

  • The Sword of Hope II – £2.70 / €3.00

    • When the ancient demon Zakdos was finally sealed away, it ended the war against evil. But now Zakdos is free again, and to make matters worse, the Sword of Hope has been stolen! In this classic adventure game, take on the role of young Prince Theo and embark on a journey to retrieve the Sword of Hope. Explore the land and recruit allies to join your band of warriors and magicians, and take control of three different characters. The fate of the kingdom is in your hands!


  • 90’s Pool – £1.80 / €2.00

    • Chalk up a victory with classic 90’s Pool, a fun and realistic pool simulator which will keep you playing for hours! Compete against a human opponent or the computer, or play on your own in a campaign containing 20 different trick shot missions. The simple user interface lets you easily but accurately control the angle, speed and spin of the shot with your stylus. 3 different skill levels for the computer AI are available for advanced players, as well as a high-precision physics engine for a stunningly realistic simulation. Set up your shot, crack the cue ball into the pack and enjoy the entertaining gameplay! Hey, you might even improve your real-life pool game.
  • 101 Pinball World – £4.50 / €5.00

    • Get ready for fast-paced pinball action with a twist! Complete special objectives to earn fun bonuses as you shoot your ball through pipes, up ramps and around mind-blowing obstacles. Choose from two game modes: Quick Play and Random, and blast through over 100 fun tables in four exciting worlds filled with eye-popping detail. Be a pinball whizz in “Wizard World”, go on a galactic adventure in “Alien Spaceship”, enjoy a spooky trip through “Halloween” and become a buccaneer in “Pirate’s Bay”. Rack up enough points to top the High Scores and you’ll be the pinball champ!

Downloadable Video

  • The Incredible Barbazan: Raging Bull

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