Settle the STi vs EVO rivalry with the next Forza Sunday themed event!

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Forza Sunday Event: STi VS Evo Banner Logo

The STi and EVO have spawned a legion of followers thanks to their radical looks and performance. Our next themed Forza Sunday event will have you driving both as we race them across a series of circuit and point-to-point races.

Which car, and which driver, will come out on top?

Many versions of these iconic cars have come and gone, but there has never been any doubt about their rivalry. The standard Forza 4 versions of the 2008 models boast the same power output and weight, and we will be racing these exclusively on the evening of August 26th with an 20:30 for 21:00 start.

Forza Sunday Event: STi VS Evo Image

For more details about which car to choose on the night, enhancements allowed, tracks to be raced and other rules check out the Crimson Moon Rising website.

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