Gears of War Wednesday: Come rain, come snow, it’s Gnasher time!

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It’s Hump Day aka Wednesday aka Gears Wednesday! Do I even need to say anything else?

Gears of War Wednesday Banner

Join us tonight on Xbox LIVE for some good old gearsing. Go crazy in a game of Team Deathmatch, heat things up in King of the Hill, get all sweaty in Execution or play in the snow with some Guardian. It doesn’t really matter which poison you choose, they’ve even thrown in a few more playlists if you really want something different, the important thing is that you’re gaming tonight with us in Gears of War 3.

To join in the fun, keep an eye out for jGLZA, El33tOliver, LeelooZA or Numphie at about 20:00 tonight. See you all there.

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