Mass Effect 3 confirmed as Wii U launch title, weapons DLC out next week

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More exciting news emerging from the currently-on-the-go EA Summer Showcase event involves Mass Effect 3, and now that we know that the singleplayer Leviathan DLC is real, we now get to know details on the game’s upcoming weapons pack.

Oh, and Mass Effect 3 has been confirmed as a Wii U launch title.

Mass Effect 3 – Firefight Weapons Pack

First, let’s talk about the ‘Firefight Weapons Pack’ for Mass Effect 3, which is out on August 7th for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC versions of the game.

The pack adds two brand new weapons never before seen in the Mass Effect universe, as well as five bonus weapons, marking the first time Mass Effect 3 weapons have been added to the singleplayer game.

Mass Effect 3: Firefight Weapons Pack Screenshot 1

Mass Effect 3 on Wii U

EA has today confirmed that Mass Effect 3 will be included in the line-up of launch titles for the Nintendo Wii U this year.

Mass Effect 3 will take advantage of the Wii U’s tablet and will include an interactive backstory for players to catch up with the first two games (with decisions made during the story affecting the third game’s narrative), bonus downloadable content (such as Extended Cut).

Mass Effect 3 on Wii U is also said to include online multiplayer to bring it in line with the versions of the game on other platforms.

Mass Effect 3 - Wii U Screenshot 1

Mass Effect 3 - Wii U Screenshot 2

Mass Effect 3 - Wii U Screenshot 3

Will you play through Mass Effect 3 again on Wii U to experience the new control schemes made possible by the tablet controller?

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