Gears of War Wednesday Wrap: Newcomers, snipers and spectacular explosions

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If you haven’t been on Gears in a while you would have been surprised/confused to see that the multiplayer playlists have been changed up somewhat. The confusion was only temporary though as games got started up in no time.

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It didn’t look like too many people cared for the consolidation as TDM was the choice of the early eve. Soon though we were joined by 2upGamers co-founder DrtV8derZA who was giving Gears of War multiplayer a first run through.

With all the newcomers not everybody had all the DLC so we started up a ‘Players Choice’ match and the luck of the draw chose King of the Hill – how fortunate. The lobby was full within a match and the pendulum began to sway as competition was very tough.

The fast pace of King of the Hill meant that Vegeta ZA wasn’t able to reacquaint himself with his sniper as well as he would have liked, but that still didn’t stop him from removing peoples heads from their bodies. Conversely though, the bottle necks caused by hills in King of the Hill allowed explosive specialists such as myself and FLS Voogle the opportunity to rack up some spectacular kills.

As the night progressed, those leftover from the earlier TDM games joined in our King of the Hill too keep us going past midnight. The night was good with fun being had all around.

And so we say thanks to those made it out tonight to play with us.

  • FLS Voogle
  • LikeanAngel ZA
  • Vegeta ZA
  • GaaTY
  • FofoZA
  • DrtV8derZA
  • FLS Corvus
  • Blackwiddow01
  • Supanov4 ZA
  • Omegazn
  • n0v14
  • ApezhitshotgunR
  • DRISKza
  • BogusHenry
  • ThaidInsane
  • OneWingedAnge7
  • Toxickvenom
  • Toxickbunny
  • Lowcust ZA
  • MacDeathZA
  • BobSmokinMarley
  • TheOneZA
  • Bull3tSaint
  • ZeekyZA
  • Butcha Boi ZA
  • Swannie ZA
  • Pho3n1X ZA
  • Mantis ZA
  • Google ZA
  • Mantis ZA


  • jGLZA
  • El33tOliver
  • Numphie

Thanks all for playing and hope to see you all again next week at 8pm in Gears of War 3!

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