As Dragon’s Dogma hits 1 million units sold, sequel details emerge

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The release of Capcom’s latest action RPG, Dragon’s Dogma, was met with a very positive critical reception and while there is room for improvement in areas that Western RPG fans found desperately lacking, the epic scope and scale of the game can’t be denied.

It’s a good thing, then, that Capcom has re-confirmed its plans for a Dragon’s Dogma sequel with a few interesting details, following the news that the title has successfully crossed the one million units sold mark.

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The news was announced with the release of Capcom’s recent quarterly financials, as the company reached a profit of $17 million (up 300% over the previous second quarter).

Profits in Capcom’s digital download segment were also up, with the company’s Digital Contents group posting overall sales of $175 million for the quarter – make of that what you will if you’ve been scorned by Capcom’s DLC policies in the past.

The really interesting Dragon’s Dogma news today, however, is that a few morsels of information regarding the game’s sequel have been unveiled. As part of a feature at Japanese game news outlet, Famitsu, Capcom’s Hideaki Itsuno (and Dragon’s Dogma director) has spoken about a follow-up to his latest title in certain terms.

The world of Dragon’s Dogma, according to Itsuno, is only roughly two thirds of what he originally had planned, while only 60 to 70 percent of his ideas made it into the final version of the game.

Among those ideas was the opportunity for players to create their own quests for themselves and their pawns, while another includes the ability to run over an enemy and jump to grab onto a grappling point.

Have you played Dragon’s Dogma? What do you think of it and what improvements and ideas do you think should be included in the sequel?

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