Knytt Underground announced for PS3 and PS Vita

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A new 2D platformer is headed to PSN this year in the shape of Knytt Underground – the third entry in Nifflas’ popular indie series featuring a tiny creature stranded on an alien world. The developer is collaborating with Green Hill Studios for the PS3 and PS Vita versions, while Ripstone is handling publishing duties. Nifflas promises that Knytt Underground will feature “unique content” on PSN that isn’t included in the upcoming PC, Mac and Linux versions.

Knytt Underground Screenshot 1

Nicklas Nygren, creative director at Nifflas, had this to say about the new title:

“Knytt Underground is the biggest game I’ve ever developed and is the first game where I feel that I have a story to tell. It’s about the big questions; trying to understand life and our place in it – and failing completely.”

The previous two Knytt titles are available as freeware from the developer’s website if you’re keen to get up to speed with the series.

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