Enact the wrath of Mrs Chu in an extensive Sleeping Dogs walkthrough video

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Sleeping Dogs from Square Enix and United Front games looks to be just the game to freshen up our expectations for an open-world action game.

While titles like inFamous and Prototype have provided a different twist on the genre with the opportunity to take on the guise of a superhuman imbued with unmatched strength and abilities, Sleeping Dogs takes us back to a more realistic setting, ala Grand Theft Auto, only this time set in the exotic locales of Hong Kong.

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With a change of setting (compared to what we’re used to) comes new and interesting missions and methods to complete your objectives, along with unique story snippets that we’ll get to enjoy.

Take the following mission for example – getting revenge for one ‘Mrs. Chu.’ You’re tasked with finding someone who has done Mrs. Chu wrong and instead of simply finding this person and ‘taking care’ of him (beating him up and/or making him suffer until death provides sweet release), you’ll need to find the target by navigating the city at high speed, triangulating the target’s position and finally dragging that person back to Mrs. Chu.

It’s then up to her to enact her just revenge.

The walkthrough video for Sleeping Dogs below is narrated by the game’s producer, Dan Sochan, and you’ll get to see many of the game’s unique and tentpole features, including the crunchy melee combat – enjoy:

Sleeping Dogs – ‘Mrs Chus Revenge’ Mission Walkthrough

Sleeping Dogs is due out on August 14th (in North America) and August 17th (in European territories) across Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC.

Read El33tonline’s interview with United Front Games design director, Mike Skupa, for much more information on the game, look over our hands-on preview for our impressions, and browse through our vast mounds of previous coverage for more videos, screenshots and details.

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