Kojima Productions to demo Fox Engine on August 30th

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Metal Gear and Hideo Kojima fans would do well to mark August 30th in their calendars because that’s when Metal Gear Solid 4 developer Kojima Productions intend to show off its brand new Fox Engine to the gaming community. According to Kojima the engine is almost complete and is constantly being tweaked as the studio uses it to develop new titles.

Fox Engine Image 1

When KojiPro demo the Fox Engine at the end of August it’s likely that the studio will show one or two of its upcoming games running on the new engine – something that is sure to send waves of excitement through Kojima’s fan base.

Interestingly the Fox Engine is fully scalable and can be used on PS Vita as well as the next generation of gaming hardware. It’s even rumoured that the next instalment in Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer series will use KojiPro’s in-house engine.

Here’s a video from last year where Kojima publicly demonstrates the Fox Engine for the first time:

Source: PlayStation Blog

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