FIFA 13′s Kinect voice commands detailed

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FIFA 13 Banner Logo

Among the raft of new features introduced in FIFA 13 will be Kinect voice commands. EA has revealed some of the ways players can interact with the game in this manner, including using voice commands to change formations and tactics or to call substitutes onto the field.

Kinect integration is particularly useful in Be A Pro mode where you can call for a pass, trigger a teammate’s run or instruct him to shoot via voice commands. The ‘referee feedback’ system takes into account any foul language you may utter after a contentious call, with swearing potentially resulting in stricter refereeing decisions later on in the game. The commentators are also likely to reference your bad language from time to time.

FIFA 13 will be released across multiple platforms on September 25th in the US and September 28th in PAL territories. Be sure to check out Wayne’s E3 preview for more details about the new features being introduced in the latest instalment of FIFA.

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