These Dead Space 3 goodies will keep four winners warm and hydrated!

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After a bit of mystery and lots of running around during E3 2012, El33tonline managed to snag a collection of Dead Space 3 goodies thanks to the fine folks at EA.

Competition: Dead Space 3 Bottle and Beanies

The excellence of these items can’t be contained all in one place, however, so we decided it would be best to spread them around South Africa and give them away in a competition, with four beanies and four water bottles (all Dead Space 3-themed) up for grabs.

Who will be keeping warm and hydrated thanks to El33tonline’s giveaway?

Congratulations to the following p33ps:

  • Mustachioed Stranger

  • RedDiomedes

  • GaaTY

  • Evil Dr Twisted

You’ll each receive a Dead Space 3 water bottle and a Dead Space 3 beanie!

The beanie can also act as a protection device against scary imagery while playing Dead Space 3 next year! Read El33tonline’s coverage and eyes-on preview of the game to find out more.

Dead Space 3 Mystery Solved Image 1

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