Rumour: Square Enix cancels Final Fantasy Versus XIII

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One of the most notable, unreleased PS3 exclusives has been cancelled according to sources close to Kotaku. Final Fantasy Versus XIII was first shown at E3 2006 and has been conspicuously absent from major events including last year’s Tokyo Game Show and E3 2012.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII Screenshot 1

Kotaku’s sources claim that the game was officially cancelled within the past few weeks and that Square Enix is reluctant to publicly announce the news out of fear that it’ll drive down the company’s stock price. Certain resources related to the game such as assets, technology and staff have apparently been “folded into” the next numeric Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy XV.

Final Fantasy Versus XIII was being directed by renowned character designer Tetsuya Nomura who has been involved with over a dozen Square Enix titles since the game was unveiled back in 2006. If the cancellation rumour is true, perhaps Square Enix didn’t prioritise FF Versus XIII because Nomura was needed on other projects that it deemed more important.

The Tokyo Game Show is coming up in September so if the game is not shown there then one can only assume that FF Versus XIII is no more. However it’s likely that we’ll hear an official announcement from Square Enix on the matter sometime before then.

Until then, feast your eyes on the artistically accomplished sights and sounds of Final Fantasy Versus XIII’s striking world:

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