Reminder: The Steam Summer Sale continues apace!

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It may not be summer here in South Africa, but Steam sure is hot right now! Well, technically it is always hot… but it is even hotter now! Yes, those of us who live and die by the Steam Sales continue to have just the thing we need to keep us warm during these cold winter nights!

Steam Summer Sale 2012 Banner Logo

This year’s Steam Summer Sale is still on and will run until 22nd July – this Sunday! As is normal, the sale has a few games on special every day, coupled with huge savings on genre or publisher bundles. Every day you will see new games on sale that sell like hot water bottles in Joburg in July.

This year, they are doing something a little different.

Following a similar deal from a few weeks ago, Steam now gives you three options (in addition to the bundles and other hot deals for the day) where the community gets to vote for which game they would like to see receive a silly amount of discount. These aren’t just games that need to increase their sales numbers, either – these are triple-A titles!

At the beginning of the sale, the first bunch of votable games included Batman Arkham City for 66% off, Saints Row The Third for 75% off, and The Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition for 60% off. Vote and you may get the game of your choice for a low, low price!

Steam Summer Sale 2012 Customer Voting and Flash Sales

As if that is not enough to keep you entertained (and broke) they have also introduced Flash Sales where random games are on crazy low prices for a short period of time only. Ranging from a few hours to a day, these vary greatly and will surely cause you to keep a close eye on the Steam Store just in case you spot your dream game on special.

I always find myself on the wrong end of the sales as I normally don’t need any of the games on sale, but having them in my collection not only looks nice, but have always allowed me endless entertainment when I am truly bored. Just make sure you don’t fall into the trap of ‘too-much-to-play-not-enough-time’ and end up wasting your money.

Scoot on over to the Steam website for your daily fix of gaming goodness!

Have you been participating in this year’s Steam Summer Sale? What have you got so far on discount?

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