Puddle sliding onto PS Vita “soon”, trailer and screenshots inside

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Puddle PS Vita Logo

French developer Neko Entertainment has announced that it will be bringing its physics-based puzzle platformer Puddle to PS Vita “soon”. Unlike the PSN and XBLA versions that were published by Konami earlier this year, Puddle on PS Vita will be self-published.

The Vita version will feature motion controls, rear touch pad implementation and Near functionality, as well as 49 remastered levels that range from a human body to a rocket.

Puddle tasks the player with tilting each environment in order to successfully guide various fluids past a number of obstacles. Gravity and friction are just two of the variable factors that need to be taken into account in your quest to reach the end of each level.

Interestingly, the game started off as a student project that won a Student Showcase prize at the Independent Gaming Festival at GDC 2010.

Here’s a trailer and some screenshots for Puddle on PS Vita:

Puddle Screenshot 1

Puddle Screenshot 2

Puddle Screenshot 3

Puddle Screenshot 4

Puddle Screenshot 5

Puddle Screenshot 6

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