Gears of War Wednesday: Banish those mid-week blues tonight!

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Mid-week blues getting you down? Does the week seem like it’s been three consecutive Mondays? Does Friday seem an eternity away?

Well worry no more, because today is Wednesday – Gears Wednesday – and as any good doctor will let you know the best thing to do when life is blocking you is to chainsaw a way through. If it happens to be a bunch of Locust, then all the better!

Gears of War Wednesday is the weekly event in the South African Gaming community. Powered proudly by El33tonline, it allows for the already huge El33t community to interact and play with each other in one of SA’s favourite multiplayer games.

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The evening is all about having fun and meeting new p33ps, if you’re new to Gears of War 3, don’t worry – the p33ps are very welcoming and eager to share tips that will see you popping heads like a pro in no time.

So don’t hesitate, join in the fun (and bloodlust) tonight at 20:00 by looking out for jGLZA, El33tOliver, LeelooZA or Numphie.

See you all tonight!

Want to add more Gears of War 3 players to your friends list? Then look over a collection of player names from past Gears Wednesday sessions and find them online tonight!

Speaking of past sessions, it’s tradition to randomly select a Gears of War Wednesday participant and give that person the chance to snag a code for an Xbox LIVE Arcade game, courtesy of Microsoft South Africa.

The winner of last week’s code is… Toxickvenom!

Please let us know which game you would like to choose, between LIMBO, Trials HD, Castle Crashers or Braid, and we’ll send you the code!

(Note: Braid requires the use of a UK Xbox LIVE account to access before being able to play on a South African account.)

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