The 2012 Steam Summer Sale is now on!

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Steam Summer Sale 2012 Banner Logo

The tension has been building and PC gamers the world over have been twitching for its eventual announcement, but Valve has provided sweet release by formally unveiling this year’s Steam Summer Sale with a massive round of price cuts on downloadable games!

Daily Deals will form the backbone of this year’s Summer Sale on Valve’s digital distribution service, but other longer-term specials will also be running while customers will be able to vote on which games gets a price cut next in the ‘Customer Choice Sales.’

Check out some of the initial deals now available over Steam below, and be sure to check back daily to see which other games and content you can pick up for a steal until July 22nd:

Steam Summer Sale 2012 Pack Deals

Steam Summer Sale 2012 Today's Deals

Steam Summer Sale 2012 Top Sellers

Steam Summer Sale 2012 Customer Voting and Flash Sales

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