Save your gaming budget with massive THQ, Steam and XBLA sales!

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It’s just past halfway through the year and I know what you’re thinking: Christmas is as far behind us as it is ahead of us so we’re smack bang in the middle of the doldrums.

Well, the truth is, the Northern hemisphere normally kicks into the pre-sale-season-sale-season with their ‘Summer Sales’ around about this time of the year, and you can start flexing your PayPal accounts and credit cards in anticipation of some really hectic bargains coming your way.

Wario Saving His Cash

To whet your appetite, there are a few pretty decent deals going on around the online community at the moment and here are my picks of the ones to grab, if you haven’t just spent your R10,000,000.00 on a bunch of old games, that is…

Dungeon Defenders Banner Logo

My pick of the list for PC gamers is either Dungeon Defenders for R44 from Steam or the THQ Collection (that includes twenty-five games) for a mere R615 from Gamersgate:

The bundle includes titles like Metro 2033, Red Faction, Titan Quest and Warhammer 40k – the full list is below:

THQ Bundle Sale - Gamersgate

Then for the Xbox 360 users out there we have the deal of the week as well as some Xbox LIVE Gold discounts which are really worth considering:

These deals expire on July 16th 2012 – you really can’t go wrong with these titles at these discounted MSP prices!

Many thanks to (and associated tipsters) for the handy tips!

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