Rumour: Rocksteady’s next Batman game is a less moody prequel

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Justice League Comic Cover We’ve all become accustomed to the now popular portrayal of DC’s The Batman as a brooding and fearsome hero who likes to scowl in his cowl while brutally beating up villains in the dark corners of Gotham City, but there was a time when this comic book character wasn’t quite so moody.

During the celebrated ‘Silver Age’ of DC’s range of comics in the 1950s, The Batman teamed up with superheroes, including Superman, The Flash and Wonder Women, to form the Justice League of America.

While The Dark Knight still wore a grimace more than any other member of that group, it was a less serious time for all involved, and according to a report at Variety, the next Batman game from videogame franchise stewards Rocksteady will reflect this period in his career.

Variety has learned (from unnamed sources) that Rocksteady’s next Batman game will be a prequel to the studio’s Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, and will be “highly stylized.”

The supposed game will also feature one of the most important events in The Batman lore: The meeting of Batman and arch-nemesis, The Joker.

While Mark Hamill (who voices The Joker like no-one else can) is constantly teasing fans by claiming he won’t return to voice the crazed villain, we certainly hope that (if the report of a new Batman game is true) he once again dives into that manic psyche. For the fans.

Setting a new Batman game in the Silver Age (and around the time of the formation of The Justice League) would also allow Rocksteady to include other famous DC heroes, including the aforementioned trio as well as Green Lantern, Aquaman and Martian Manhunter, while future members of the team (and a host of villains) might also make appearances.

Would you want the next Batman game to be a prequel, set in the Silver Age with all of his Justice League buddies? Or would you want the series to continue along its current path?

San Diego Comic-Con begins today, so what are the chances of a reveal this weekend? We might just have to wait a while longer to get an official announcement…

Source: Variety

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