Epic’s PC-exclusive Fortnite is powered by Unreal Engine 4, unveiled with screens

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During the opening hours of this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, Epic Games and the studio’s Cliff Bleszinski have fully unveiled Fortnite, a PC-exclusive game due for release in 2013 and running on next-generation Unreal Engine 4 technology.

Fortnite Banner Logo

Fortnite is billed as a “co-op sandbox survival game” and is being developed specifically for the PC. It will be the very first game to ship using Unreal Engine 4 and allows players to “explore, forage, collaborate and build by day in their own dynamic and expanding world.”

“At night, they’ll work together to defend their prized fortress from the forces of darkness.”

The building system in Fortnite will allow players to use scavenged materials to “quickly build and renovate structures of varying materials and complexity.”

Epic has released a host of debut screenshots and artwork for Fortnite, and we hope to get the first in-game trailer for the title soon, too:

Fortnite Screenshot 1

Fortnite Screenshot 2

Fortnite Screenshot 3

Fortnite Screenshot 4

Fortnite Screenshot 5

Fortnite Screenshot 6

Fortnite Artwork

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