Earth Defense Force 4 gets teased ahead of full reveal

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If you don’t know about the Earth Defense Force series of third-person shooters from D3Publisher, then we don’t blame you.

The franchise has seen a number of entries, including the spin-off title ‘Insect Armageddon’ as well as a turn-based strategy title, Global Defence Force: Tactics, while very few of the games have been released outside of Japan, becoming available in Europe and North America in fits and starts.

People who play Earth Defense Force games usually have mixed reactions, too, but those who enjoy these titles really enjoy them!

Earth Defense Force 4 Banner Logo

So it’s with bemused excitement that we bring to you news of a teaser site for Earth Defense Force 4. Next-to nothing is known about the game, other than it’s a fully numbered entry to the series and that it will (most probably) follow on from the franchise’s third-person shooter roots.

Make your way over to the official teaser website for Earth Defense Force 4 to become quietly intrigued by the series and look forward to a full reveal soon.

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