South African gamers, get ready for the launch of Nintendo’s 3DS XL!

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With the announcement of the 3DS XL in June, we were shown a gaming device that went beyond Nintendo’s previous achievements in handheld gaming by improving the screen size, battery life and overall design of its previous consoles, with all of the 3DS features we’ve come to expect still included.

The 3DS XL launches on July 28th in Europe and South Africa, but gamers of Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town will be amongst the very first in the world to go hands-on with the handheld console!

Gamers of South Africa, you’re cordially invited to the official countrywide launch events for the 3DS XL!

Where do you need to be, what do you need to know and who do you need to contact in order to be a part of this exciting time in handheld gaming? All of the details for gamers in Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town lie in wait below:

DBNGamers – Durban

DBNGamers and El33tonline will be kicking off festivities early on July 27th, ahead of the launch of the 3DS XL! More details on this event are already available, so find out about our launch event over here.

To register for the DBNGamers event, make your way to the official Facebook page and confirm your attendance – put your name down early to avoid disappointment!

Also keep your eyes on DBNGamers’ Twitter page, as well as El33tonline’s Twitter page and the site, for further details and announcements. Want to share the launch event love? Use the #DBNGamersXL hashtag to spread the news!

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JHBGamers – Johannesburg

Jarrod Lane and his JHBGamers crew will help introduce gamers in Johannesburg to the 3DS XL on July 28th – be sure to visit the JHBGamers’ Facebook page for registration information.

Follow JHBGamers on Twitter over here, and spread the news and excitement with the official #JHBGamersXL hashtag!

2UpGamers – Cape Town

Leave it to Glenn Alexander and the 2upGamers collective to put on a great show for Cape Town gamers, and on August 3rd, it’ll be your turn to get your hands on the 3DS XL.

Stay tuned to the 2upGamers website, follow 2upGamers on Twitter and make use of the #2UpGamersXL hastag to share the news of the upcoming 3DS XL launch!

The launch events in each city will play host to awesome Mario Kart 7 racing tournaments – if you want to take part, be sure to bring your Nintendo 3DS handheld along to the party! There will be a few spare 3DS consoles for those without one, but these will be limited.

Players will be split into groups of eight and each member of the group will have some hands-on time with the brand new 3DS XL.

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It wouldn’t be a launch event without prizes, so look forward to a grand prize at each gathering as well as spot prizes going to attendees if you’ve got your 3DS with you – you’ll be StreetPassing the night away!

“So show us your sense of community by joining us in ushering in some exciting new gameplay with the Nintendo 3DS XL,” says Nintendo South Africa, “as we take console gaming to an ‘extra large’ level!”

We hope to see you there!

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