Rayman Legends Hands-on Preview (Wii U)

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When Rayman Origins was finally released in 2011 after a lengthy development period I got to play what I felt was one of my dream games – in my review of Michel Ancel’s latest title I said it was a game “that combines the speed and precision of the best Sonic games with the ingenuity and flow of a classic Mario adventure” and that it was “fit to bursting with sights and sounds of utter delight and spellbinding charm to spare.”

On release, however, and as reviews continued to rave, there was a lot of talk about how Rayman Origins sold rather poorly and there was a lot of doubt over the future of the series. The announcement of Rayman Legends for Nintendo’s upcoming home console, the Wii U, changed all of that and I was personally blindsided by the reveal. Even though I thoroughly enjoyed Origins, Legends seemed like a simple continuation of the disembodied character’s latest adventures so I was a little less excited about it than I should have been.

When I got to actually play Rayman Legends at E3 recently, that all changed. Mostly.

Rayman Legends Screenshot 1

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