Peter Molyneux piques our Curiosity in August with first experimental game

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Peter Molyneux Industry luminary Peter Molyneux shocked the videogame world earlier this year with the announcement that he would be leaving the sanctity of Microsoft and the studio he founded, Lionhead, to go back to his development roots, in a sense.

Molyneux’s remarks directly following his departure lead us to believe that he was back to programming and soon revealed his new company, the indie developer 22 Cans.

Instead of holing himself in a dark room slaving away at lines of code (he probably did that, too), Molyneux has been anything but silent since he left Microsoft.

He immediately took to Twitter to talk about new ideas, while giving his blessing to (and facilitating) the ‘What Would Molydeux’ game development jam – a weekend where developers around the world created short game experiences based on the crazy tweets of a Molyneux parody Twitter account.

More recently, Molyneux was involved in the coverage of E3 2012 for Spike TV’s GT TV.

Curiosity Cube Image

Even more recently than that? Molyneux announced the release date of 22 Cans’ first game, Curiosity, which will become available on iOS devices, Android devices and PC on August 22nd.

Speaking at a recent event (called Rezzed) in Molyneux’s backyard of Brighton, England, he revealed that Curiosity will see up to a million online players simultaneously chipping away at a giant cube, which itself is made up of 60 million different cubes.

To what purpose? To discover the mystery lying at the cube’s core. What’s the mystery? It is “so valuable, and so life-changingly important,” Molyneux claimed.

“It’s so amazing I think it will appear on news reports,” he said in his presentation at Rezzed.”

“[It’s] not a dead cat, but the way,” Molyneux joked. We see what you did there.

Only a single person will unlock the mystery at the cube’s core, says Molyneux, and you’ll be able to buy pickaxes to hack away at the monolith for $0.50 a pop, while a diamond pickaxe will run you $50 000.

Buying a diamond pickaxe is “nothing to be ashamed of,” Molyneux said.

What a joker.

Is your Curiosity piqued? Will you be hacking away at the cube?

I sure will be – I can’t wait to find out what’s at the centre! A dancing cat? Rainbow lightning? The possibilities are endless.

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