Oltman’s Friday Fr33bie: Angry Birds

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Imagine my horror when I recently discovered that some people still have not been privileged enough to play Angry Birds!

These birds have nested in just about every platform known to man, so finding a new person to share this joy with is very rare. Luckily for this week’s Friday Freebie I aim to do just that!

Angry Birds has a special edition made just for Chrome (I am told it runs on Firefox and Safari as well but did not test this). It still involves the same insane antics of birds trying to save their precious eggs from conniving pigs by bombarding them with… uhm… more eggs.

Angry Birds Screenshot 2

In it’s simplest form, Angry Birds is a catapult simulator. You pull back on the catapult while a little birdie rests inside, then aim at some green pigs and let go to shoot. Gravity will pull the birds down so you need to compensate for that.

Certain materials were used by the piggies to construct elaborate forts to protect themselves. Straw does not feature, but wood, stone, glass and ice are among the materials used. You’ll need to recruit the right birds for the right job, as different birds have specific abilities to break through certain of these barriers erected by the pigs.

Angry Birds Screenshot 3

The Chrome version of Angry Birds features a crazy amount of levels and includes both the regular flavour as well as the ‘Angry Birds Seasons’ edition. Angry Birds the phenom translated exceptionally well to the web, and since you can have an online account you will be able to continue your game, either from your own desk at work, or from home or school (El33tonline does not endorse gaming during class or during board meetings).

Fly over to Angry Birds for Chrome and see if you can help the birds preserve their future generations!

Angry Birds Screenshot 4

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