New Soul Sacrifice screens introduce sorceress sidekick Nyume

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Soul Sacrifice is still many months away but that doesn’t mean we can’t admire it from a distance for the time being. This week Japanese publication Famitsu shared some exciting new details and screens for this PS Vita exclusive from Marvelous AQL and Sony’s Japan Studio, including a first look at the sorceress Nyume who joins your party if you’re playing the game solo.

Soul Sacrifice Logo

Nyume is just one of the AI partner characters that you can fight alongside when playing the game offline, and these characters will adapt their tactics to your play style. According to Famitsu your party is limited to three members when playing Soul Sacrifice solo.

The new batch of screenshots also shows the magical book Rebrom that you’ll select quests from, as well as some of the offensive and defensive spells you can cast in the game by sacrificing objects such as rocks or your own body parts. I wonder if any spells can be cast by sacrificing your player’s ‘inessential’ organs like his tonsils or appendix?

Take a look at the new artwork and screens for Soul Sacrifice below:

Soul Sacrifice Screenshot 1

Soul Sacrifice Screenshot 2

Soul Sacrifice Screenshot 3

Soul Sacrifice Screenshot 4

Soul Sacrifice Screenshot 5

Soul Sacrifice Screenshot 6

Soul Sacrifice Screenshot 7

Soul Sacrifice is currently scheduled to be released in Japan at the end of 2012 and will be out sometime next year in North America.

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