Rumour: Sony working on PS3 Super Slim

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Evidence is mounting that Sony plans to release a new model of PS3 that is smaller and cheaper to produce than the current PS3 Slim. Earlier this year the company filed documents with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that mentioned a new model number – CECH-4001x – which is a significant step up from the 3000 series Sony is currently selling.

The documents also include the following image which shows the bottom view of the new model:

PS3 Super Slim

There are also rumours suggesting that the new PS3 model will feature a top-loading disc tray similar to the one that the PS2 Slim sports. The latest PS3 firmware update (version 4.20) slightly changes the wording on the XMB from ‘Eject Disc’ to ‘Remove Disc’ when you press Triangle to bring up a disc-based game’s option menu.

Sony released a PS2 Super Slim in 2008 that featured an internal power supply and was lighter than the original Slim model. This precedent lends a fair amount of credence to these PS3 Super Slim rumours.

Do you think Sony could announce a PS3 Super Slim and potential price drop as early as gamescom next month? Let us know in the comments.

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