El33t’s Question of the Day: Would you use a game streaming service?

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El33tonline Question of the Day

With the announcement today that Sony Computer Entertainment is to acquire Dave Perry’s game streaming service, Gaikai, this Question of the Day came to mind:

Would you use a game streaming service?

What is Gaikai? Very briefly, it’s a service that will allow (or would have allowed) its customers to stream the playing of both PC and console videogames online from Gaikai’s servers.

Similar to OnLive, the technology allows you to simply log on, select a game (without previously downloading the game or purchasing a physical copy) and play it on your TV or PC via the vast tubes of The Internet.

If your internet could handle streaming so much data at once, would you sign up for a service like Gaikai or OnLive? Would it bother you that you don’t ‘own’ that game or your game time would be subject to a good connection or fully running servers?

Are there other considerations to take into account? Would you use a game streaming service?

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