Brutal melee combat discussed in new The Last of Us interview

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The Last of Us - screenshot 4

It’s no secret that a large part of The Last of Us’ action is centred on melee combat. Bullets are no longer manufactured in the game’s post-apocalyptic setting so ammo is scarce. This setup is sure to create plenty of tense gameplay moments that require you to swiftly weigh up the consequences of your choices. For example, if you had a single bullet left in your gun and two enemies to dispose of, would you try to grab one to use as a human shield in the hope that the other enemy would back off, or would you try to take one out with a well-placed headshot and then attempt to disable the other with a swift melee attack? These are the types of situations that promise to set The Last of Us apart from its peers.

PlayStation Access’ YouTube channel was recently updated with another insightful interview with a member of the game’s development team. This time Melee Combat Designer Anthony Newman discusses how much effort Naughty Dog put into making this portion of the action as realistic and visceral as possible. Take a look below:

The Last of Us will be released exclusively for PS3 next year. Head over here for more coverage of this amazing-looking game.

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