Never Forget: Debut Company of Heroes 2 trailer talks of great sacrifice

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During World War II, soldiers and civilians alike suffered abhorrent casualties. Deaths in the tens of millions were recorded across both the Axis and Ally sides of the conflict and the lives lost during the war should never be forgotten.

The stories of sacrifices made to ensure the world never endures another event like it should be told for generations to come and Relic Entertainment will be doing its part to relate the tales of World War II with next year’s Company of Heroes 2.

Company of Heroes 2 Banner Logo

The PC-only real-time strategy game received a large collection of E3 2012 awards and nods in a host of different categories, and in the debut trailer for the title you can reflect on the events of World War II and simultaneously look forward to going to the frontlines of the war to discover new tales of bravery and sacrifice:

Company of Heroes 2: Forgotten Sacrifice Trailer

Company of Heroes 2 is out in 2013 – here is El33tonline’s previous coverage with more details and a collection of screenshots to tide you over.

Company of Heros 2 Screenshot 1

Company of Heros 2 Screenshot 2

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