Competition winners revealed – technicoloured rainbows of happiness abound!

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During the month of June we ran a number of really awesome competitions. There really was something for everyone in the pool of prizes, ranging from Pandora’s Tower to Darksiders, Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor, Max Payne 3 T-shirts and a Ghost Recon: Future Soldier hamper.

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The only problem is that something else was happening during June…can anybody guess what that was? Yes, there was that time that the Springboks beat England (and then again), there was the Comrades marathon too, and there was even the release of Prometheus (which I still haven’t seen). In fact I’m sure that there were lots of cool things happening during the month of June, but there was only one thing that kept the El33tonline team up into the wee hours of the morning with tired feet, red eyes and exhausted grey matter.

And that thing was E3!

Never fear though (although we do still shudder slightly when somebody mentions it’s name), because we are now ready to announce the winners of these awesome competitions. And the only thing that’s left to say is “do you feel lucky, Punk?”

Well, do you?

Behold the winner of the Pandora’s Tower competition is none other than Glcelebi. The competition copies of Dragon’s Dogma go to POItjie (Xbox 360) and Tyrannicalduck (PS3). L1ghtn1ng walks away as the winner of Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor.

fletbed takes home the coveted Ghost Recon: Future Soldier prize, while randomwalsh, greatwyt, MacDeath_ZA, LAblak22 and jGLZA can all look forward to trying to keep their white Max Payne 3 shirts white very soon.

A huge thank you to our awesomely talented Lyle Arends (LAblak22) and Fayyaad Hendricks (Tyrannicalduck) for their amazing drawings of War for our Darksiders competition. Readers had a hard time choosing between the two excellent drawings, so thanks to everyone for entering. The winners are rogue_riezo (PS3), GillyMon (Xbox 360) and Wayne Bossenger (PC).

Well done to the winners! Don’t forget to enter our new competitions, we have Lollipop Chainsaw, Dead Space 3 swag and Steel Battalion: Heavy Armor up for grabs!

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