Join the Butcher, the Liar and the Undergeared Demon Hunter of Diablo 3 and let’s build a local community!

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Many of you must have done your bit by climbing the Silver Spire of Heaven to rid this world of Diablo and restore balance between good and evil. Many of us have accomplished this with triumphant warriors, hailing from all corners of the world, in public games or by ourselves with a simple follower.

Some of us have even dared to play ‘Hardcore’ mode and earned those bragging rights, but the only thing that has been missing in my own Diablo 3 experience is the South African flavour.

Trying to find other South African gamers with which to complete Diablo 3 on ‘Inferno’ difficulty or do gear and gold runs hasn’t been that easy – I’ve found more legendary items than South African Diablo 3 players!

Building a South African Diablo 3 community where gamers can help each other out by offering advice on builds, gear and gold runs, completing Diablo 3 on Inferno and maybe, just maybe, completing Diablo 3 on Hardcore mode would be a greater achievement then completing Diablo 3 on Inferno.

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If you’re tired of repairing your gear because of an Elite group of Vampiric, Mortar, Jailer, Vortex, Plagued or Fast demons, don’t be: We will rid the Diablo 3 world of them together!

If you’re keen to build a proudly South African Diablo 3 community, then add me to your friends list. My Battletag is CtrAltDel#1927. I currently have three characters; a level 60 Demon Hunter (over 120 hours played), a level 38 Barbarian, and a level 20 Wizard.

I’m really keen to do gear and gold runs as well as help people power level and of course, have some good old fashion Diablo fun.

If you would like to be a part of a regular group of South African Diablo 3 players, leave a comment below and let us know your Battletag, too.

Also be sure to leave a suggestion for times that you would like to play in order to organise regular play sessions.

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