El33t Tip: How to get the most out of PS Vita’s YouTube app

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The long-awaited YouTube app for PS Vita is now available to download from the US PlayStation Store and will be hitting the European Store a bit later today. The app weighs in at just 5MB but seems to be fairly system intensive as you can’t have it open while running a game or using the Vita’s web browser.

PS Vita YouTube App Screenshot 4

The YouTube app is fairly simplistic but plays videos smoothly and has an easy-to-use UI. You can sign into your Google or YouTube account, view recommendations based on your subscriptions, search for videos, view your history, or access your Favourites playlist.

PS Vita YouTube App Screenshot 2

PS Vita YouTube App Screenshot 3

Some of the limitations of the app include not being able to access your Watch Later playlist or respond to other users’ comments. You also can’t upload videos or view your YouTube messages. Another annoyance is that you can’t view channels – only individual videos. This means that the app is most effective when you’re using it to search for specific videos or watch videos that you’ve previously added to your Favourites playlist.

If you’re using a PC it’s very easy to move all the videos you have in your Watch Later playlist to your Favourites folder. Simply access the Watch Later playlist, tick the videos you want to watch on your Vita at a later stage, and then click on the ‘Add to’ button and select Favourites.

PS Vita YouTube App Screenshot 1

PS Vita YouTube App Screenshot 6

A handy aspect of the PS Vita’s YouTube app is that you can take a screenshot at any time – a feature that’s strangely absent from the system’s standard video app. This is a great option to have when you’re watching a video in HD (720p) and want to capture a frame from it.

One last thing worth mentioning to those people who haven’t tried the app out for themselves is that there is a full screen mode that fills the entire screen (if the video is in 4:3 ratio you can double-tap the screen to expand it). Most screenshots of the app show a black bar at the top of the image so it can be a bit confusing.

PS Vita YouTube App Screenshot 5

Overall, the YouTube app is an excellent addition to the Vita’s content library and streaming HD videos on the system is a fantastic experience thanks to its big, beautiful OLED screen. It would be awesome to see new features being added to the app over the next few months via a patch, but as it stands it’s definitely worth a download!

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