The E3 2012 Experience – Video: Walking through Nintendo, Onlive and Disney’s booths

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Being at E3 can be kind of overwhelming.

There’s so much to see and do and it often seems as though every inch of the event is begging for your attention, luring your eyes this way and that to pull you towards mesmerising lights and tremendous sounds.

E3 2012: Nintendo Banner Logo

To simulate the effect of being at E3, we’ve posted three videos looking at the showfloor booths of Nintendo, Disney Interactive Studios and OnLive, each of which had something interesting to glimpse – which video will you watch first?

This is E3 2012:

The E3 2012 Experience: Nintendo Showfloor Booth Tour

The E3 2012 Experience: Disney Interactive Showfloor Booth Tour

E3 2012: Disney Interactive Banner Logo

The E3 2012 Experience: OnLive Showfloor Booth Tour

E3 2012: OnLive Banner Logo

The E3 2012 Experience series of articles aims to give those of you who didn’t attend the show a chance to sneak a peek at the inner workings of this annual event, with photographic, video and written tours of what El33tonline saw and did during the four-day extravaganza.

Look forward to more entries to the series over the coming days and weeks!

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