The E3 2012 Experience – Video: Extended looks at SEGA and Bethesda’s booths

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SEGA and Bethesda Softworks had diametrically opposed presences at E3 2012, in a way reflecting the kinds of games the publishers had on show this year as well as their different approaches to showcasing their games.

One booth was wide open and the other was a closed box. One booth was filled with colour and the other was doused in shades of grey. One booth was decorated with props while the other hardly had anything to stand out.

E3 2012: SEGA Banner Logo

Either way, both SEGA and Bethesda were home to some impressive games ‒ check out El33tonline’s video tours of both booths at E3 2012:

The E3 2012 Experience: SEGA Showfloor Booth Tour

The E3 2012 Experience: Bethesda Softworks Showfloor Booth Tour

E3 2012: Bethesda Softworks Banner Logo

The E3 2012 Experience series of articles aims to give those of you who didn’t attend the show a chance to sneak a peek at the inner workings of this annual event, with photographic, video and written tours of what El33tonline saw and did during the four-day extravaganza.

Look forward to more entries to the series over the coming days and weeks!

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